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Mobility Measure

Large-scale personal travel planning

Sustainable modes of transport were promoted in Preston through a wide-scale personalised travel planning campaign.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The measure was implemented in order to support infrastructure-related CIVITAS projects, and as part of Lancashire’s TravelSmart project to contact 50,000 households in Lancashire.

General objectives were to:

  • facilitate a shift towards non-polluting/less-polluting transport modes by supplying personalised travel information and incentives; and
  • encourage people to replace car journeys with walking, cycling or using public transport.

How did the measure progress?

Participating households were able to choose from a unique range of local travel information and other services, all designed to highlight the opportunities for walking, cycling and using public transport for day-to-day trips. Among these resources were local travel maps, and a pledge card, offering discounts at a range of local cycling and outdoor retailers.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Households were interviewed before and after the provision of specific information and advice in order to indicate changes in travel behaviour. The results showed a 10 percent reduction in car trips in Preston and an increase in the number of people cycling, walking and using public transportation.

This fact sheet has been updated by a third party on the basis of available information (not by the city itself), therefore we do not guarantee any data with respect to their content, completeness or up-to-dateness.

Basic Information

November 2011

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