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Mobility Measure

Intermodal high-quality mobility corridor

Zagreb aimed to define a high-quality mobility corridor going from the historic city centre towards and across the river, where public transport, bicycle lanes and pedestrians will have priority over individual motorized traffic. One of the objectives was to conduct traffic and design study for the new terminal.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Savska cesta was and is one of the most congested traffic arteries in Zagreb, with a large number of tram lines and personal vehicles. This repeatedly results in slow traffic flow and traffic jams, especially during rush hours. Existing separated “yellow” lanes for tramways are often ignored by car drivers, which causes serious interruptions in PT traffic flows. The traffic study of the demonstration corridor proposed new strategies for traffic regulation within the Savska cesta corridor. It is proposed that the Savska cesta becomes closed for car traffic and that car traffic flows are rerouted to the Šarengradska cesta which is parallel to the Savska cesta. This way the Savska cesta would truly became cycling friendly, but also highly efficient corridor for public transport vehicles.

Additionally, a railway stop with an interchange would improve the existing public transport system by integrated the railway into the public transport system. The area where future intermodal passenger terminal “Sava-North” is being planned is now inadequate, as the bus terminal is too small and passengers must cross a complicated single-level crossing to change from bus to tram. The study for intermodal passenger terminal proposed the creation of a new intermodal terminal that will be able to integrate the railway into Zagreb’s public transport system and construct Park & Ride possibilities for cars and bicycles.

How did the measure progress?

The study for the New Intermodal Passenger Terminal Sava-North was jointly prepared by the City of Zagreb, Croatian Railways - Infrastructure, ZET and BICIKL. A leaflet with relevant information on the Intermodal Terminal was prepared for citizens. The study was presented in the daily political newspaper VJESNIK and VEČERNJI LIST, in two weekly newspapers, in the INFO booklet No7, on national television station and radio news. An exhibition on the study took place in CE Zagreb in early 2010 and was opened by Mayor of Zagreb, Mr Milan Bandić. To provide stakeholders and citizens with information on the study, a wide range of stakeholder consultations, public presentations and citizen engagement were organised. The remarks and suggestions from stakeholders and citizens were collected and many were incorporated into the final study. Communication training for all partners on the corridor took place at the premises of ZFOT in May 2010.

A design task on simulation for the demonstration corridor was jointly carried out by the City of Zagreb, Croatian Railways Infrastructure and ZET. Ten bicycle racks were installed in front of the CIVITAS ELAN FORUM tram in Savska cesta. ODRAZ prepared and conducted a survey on the status of transport possibilities, perception of public transport and user habits in the corridor.

The building permit for the new railway station Buzin, situated on the extended corridor on the southern bank of the river Sava was obtained by Croatian Railways - Infrastructure. A leaflet about the railway station was prepared by the city of Zagreb and HZ INFRA. Work on documentation for the public procurement of the construction of the station is underway. The City of Zagreb installed bicycle parking facilities at 12 locations in the CIVITAS ELAN corridor with 120 parking places altogether. A public dialogue on the redistribution of motorised traffic between Savska cesta and Šarengradska cesta has taken place.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Cycling infrastructure was improved. 20 bicycle racks were installed in front of CIVITAS ELAN Info point. Furthermore, 80 bicycle racks were installed at four locations in the Savska cesta and 1.8 km of new cycling lanes was marked in the Savska cesta.
  • The number of cyclists in and around ELAN corridor increased significantly. In all cycling counting points a strong increase was observed, e.g. in the Savska cesta an increase of 20.75% is recorded. In other streets the increase is even greater. However, this increase is not entirely the result of ELAN, because we can observe general increase of cycling in Zagreb in recent years.
  • Study on new intermodal terminal and Study on Remetinec train station were done.
  • Building Permit for new railway station Buzin was apprehended.

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