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Mobility Measure

Integrated payment solutions for mobility and tourism

Implementing sustainable mobility

We can split this measure into two different iniciatives: 

  • Urban PT tickets focused on tourism market are being developed for first time in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The work carried out so far today is:

- Draft a benchmarking report about touristic urban public transport tickets in other touristic cities.

- Meetings with software development company to ask for the necessary technological matters to achieve this kind of touristic titles. (Technical matters already solved)

- We have already defined the commercial design, the tradename and the features of the touristic tickets. There will be 1 and 3 days tickets.

- After Business model  KoT, we are working in the sales channels and distribution tasks. In that sense, we have met with the tourism business association.

  • Before the implementation of a BRT system in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Guaguas Municipales will test a new payment system in its current fleet.

In that sense, the progress we have achieved are:

- Awarded the tender process for the acquisition of 2 external ticket vending machines.

- Market search about new ticketing machine system to be test in the current fleet of Guaguas Municipales during Civitas Destinations. (Pilot test before BRT set up)

- We will join effort with other smartcity project call “inteligencia azul”, and we will acquire equipment based on its technical requirements

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LPA 2.1
December 2016

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