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Mobility Measure

Increase cycling and walking in combination with a special interest in tourist activities as an integrated product

Limassol city already has a number of cycling and walking paths by the sea side, which are very popular and that initiated the interest of tourists and locals in cycling and walking.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The upgrade of cycling, walking and hiking as a tourist product will increase public in these activities. Tourists and residents will be encouraged cycle, wall, and hike to explore the region according to their special interests.

A number of measures will be undertaken to encourage this:

  • The cycling and walking networks will be expanded;
  • Bicycle parking facilities will be added;
  • Routes will be created or adapted;
  • Map panels and signage will be installed;
  • Promotional material will be produced and disseminated

Together it is hoped that they will instigate a change in the mobility habits of tourists in Limassol.

How did the measure progress?

Several meetings have been held with key stakeholders (Cyprus Cycling Association, Bike Sharing Company (Nextbike) and Limassol Cycling Club) for specifications and locations.

Lobbying has been carried out with politicians to introduce a law for cycling rights and cyclists.

Five parking facilities have been purchased in Limassol Region, and five bike parking facilities have been installed in the Limassol and Ipsonas Municipalities.

Seven map panels have been completed and constructed, whilst maps have been designed and installed at each location. 

Bike lanes will be created in cooperation with Ipsonas Municipality.