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Mobility Measure

Improving data collection for transport management

Real-time data on traffic and road network conditions contribute to better network management and can be shared with other systems.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Traffic management, that is, the better coordination of traffic flow for all users, can benefit public transport operators by ensuring faster travel times, and cyclists and pedestrians by making the city’s roads safer.

The better collection and use of traffic data via technologies such as global positioning systems and automated traffic counting devices can help prevent bottlenecks and potential hazards and prioritise sustainable transport modes.

Specific goals were to:

  • collect good-quality data on which the management and control of the network can be based, and which can be shared with other systems and organisations; and
  • communicate those data to the relevant transport management systems.  

How did the measure progress?

New data management systems and visualisation tools were designed. The procurement of a strategy integrator provided greater functionality, flexibility and response for traffic management purposes. 

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The Urban Traffic Management and Control Common Database is used as a tool to assist in the management of traffic flow on Preston’s roads.

This fact sheet has been updated by a third party on the basis of available information (not by the city itself), therefore we do not guarantee any data with respect to their content, completeness or up-to-dateness.

Basic Information

November 2011

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