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Mobility Measure

Improvement of PT routes, time tables, ticket procedure & bike transportation on buses to make the service more attractive

Implementing sustainable mobility

This measure will provide an improved PT service that will serve the needs of tourists and residents. Better designed routes and timetable adjustments, ticket procedures and bike transportation on buses will ensure that the PT service is convenient and attractive increasing like this the number of PT users. 

How did the measure progress?

The Limassol Tourism Company held several meetings with local tourist information offices, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Limassol Bus Company and the representative of the Ministry of Communication and Works regarding inconvenient PT routes, connections and timetables.

Suggestions and solutions have been made to improve the PT service. Routes and timetables have been improved.

Regarding plans to install 20 bike racks on buses, specifications have been determined and tender documents were published according to the public procurement laws of Cyprus.

Tenders have been opened and evaluated. The winning contractor is Next Bike CY.