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Mobility Measure

Improve PT services for tourists on ELBA


Improved PT services for tourists and residents

Implementing sustainable mobility

To improve the public transport and to increase its overall accessibility will be developed the following activities:

  • Definition of new PT service plan for meeting tourist and resident needs and making the service more efficient resulting in an increase of the bus occupancy index;
  • Definition, procurement and implementation of some specific collective services for tourists during the summer period and activation of an additional bus service for beaches and places of tourist interest;
  • Activation of SMS mobile ticketing services for public buses;
  • Activation of a "light" localization systems (AVL) for touristic summer buses localisation by the fleet operator and by the users;
  • Installation of electronic panels with real-time information on public bus arrival time at bus stops.

Moreover, all the data regarding the public transport (for example real-time information, as well as number of passengers, etc.) will be taken into account and will flow into the “SHARED ELBA MOBILITY” Agency databases.