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Mobility Measure

Implementing an automatic vehicle location (AVL) system

The measure focused on improving the efficiency of public transportation by using global positioning system (GPS) technology to obtain real-time information about vehicle location.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The existing positioning and dispatching system for the public transport fleet in Bucharest relied on obsolete technology that was becoming increasingly problematic as traffic conditions worsened.

The introduction of new GPS technology would allow public transport operators to adjust schedules according to traffic conditions, creating a better service for passengers.

The objectives were to introduce a GPS on the entire fleet, with the improved service and provision of real-time information ultimately leading to increased numbers of public transport passengers.

How did the measure progress?

During the TELLUS project period, preparation activities were carried out for the introduction of the AVL system. These included a study on prioritisation at junctions with traffic lights according to traffic conditions, scheduling and vehicle load. Working groups for the design, installation and maintenance of the system, as well as for commercial issues and software were established.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The automated vehicle location system is currently in operation on the buses and trolleybuses of the RATB fleet and is integrated with a real-time passenger information system, the ticketing system, and partially with the traffic management system.