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Mobility Measure

Hybrid buses in the urban bus fleet

Three hybrid buses will be purchased in order to replace oldest Diesel vehicles. The aim of this measure is to contribute to a reduction of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


A call for hybrid buses supply was issued in June 2017 but there were no adequate candidates. The specifications were revised and modified, so the tender was published again.

Finally, in December 2017 this contract was awarded to Vectia Mobility that will provide us with 3 Veris.12 that are expected to be delivered by September.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  • Increasing of the satisfaction about the quality of public transport services.
  • Increasing of the total share of citizens and tourists that use sustainable modes of transport.
  • Improvement of the attractiveness of the city towards tourists and citizens by reducing pollution and noise.
  • Reduction of noise, emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Achieve an effective introduction and public acceptance of a new transport system that must become fully integrated in the mobility patterns of the city.
  • Renewal of the urban bus fleet with more ecologic vehicles.
  • Promotion of a vision of the city committed with sustainable mobility.

How will this be achieved:

  • The public transport company analyzes the geographical conditions of the city.
  • The bidding process is carried out.
  • The hybrid buses are awarded to the company Vectia.
  • The hybrid buses will be in the fleet in September 2018 and it will work in all the lines.
  • Guaguas Municipales will study its current fleet to decide which buses will be replaced.


How did the measure progress?

  • Study the different hybrid technology existing nowadays in urban public buses suppliers.
  • Elaborate the applicable tender documentation.
  • Some trips have been carried out to familiarize with the main features of these kind of eco-friendly buses.
  • The evaluation team for the procurement of three hybrid buses met with companies that took part in the tender process in order to carry out the opening of the tender envelopes.
  • The process of the bidding was launched in December 2017.
  • VECTIA is the company that will provided three hybrid buses to Guaguas Municipales and theses buses are expected to be operative by September.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • 3 hybrid buses.
  • Promotion actions of hybrid vehicles.