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Mobility Measure

Hybrid and CNG buses

Ljubljana is constantly modernising its public transport and therefore replacing old and most polluting buses of Ljubljana’s public transport operator LPP with the new ones that are environment and user friendly. In this regard, the company purchased 20 new methane buses and 5 hybrid midi-buses, after it has tested several different types of vehicles.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Ljubljana started using one of the latest and cleanest technologies available for buses on the market and became the first Slovene city that offers CNG and hybrid buses in public transport. The new buses feature state-of-the-art technology and will significantly improve the quality of urban life in the City of Ljubljana, they will contribute to a nicer and healthier environment, cleaner air and decrease noise. Besides upgrading their environmental record, the buses will also offer more comfort and safety for the passengers.

The main objectives of the measure were to:

  • Promote clean and energy efficient technology;
  • Demonstrate energy and emission-saving potential of hybrid and CNG busses;
  • Cut fuel costs decreases by 20%.
  • Promote the PT operator’s environmental friendly image;
  • Test 5 hybrid buses and 20 CNG buses and compare results with classic diesel buses;
  • Purchase 5 hybrid and 20 CNG buses and put them into service.
  • The present bus fleet of the PT operator LPP comprises 217 urban buses.

The majority of the fleet is now modernised with low entering barrier and visual and vocal information for passengers. 109 buses also have on-board security cameras for safer and more pleasant ride. However, LPP is still striving to to make the public transport more comfortable and efficient for passengers as well as to upgrade its environmental component and reduce emissions by following measures:

  • 5 hybrid and 20 CNG buses were purchased;
  • 5 units of hybrid buses and 20 units of CNG buses were tested;
  • 25 EURO 0 vehicles were replaced by the hybrid and CNG buses on bus lines running through the corridor;
  • 78 drivers were trained to operate the hybrid and CNG buses; 26 of those drivers were trained for instructors;
  • 20 mechanics were trained for maintenance of the new buses.

How did the measure progress?

The measure is fully implemented:

  • 5 hybrid buses have been purchased and put into operation;
  • 20 CNG busses have been purchased and put into operation;
  • First CNG filling station in Slovenia has been opened in Ljubljana;
  • Driver and maintaining stuff trainings have been carried out during the project life-time.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The new hybrid and CNG buses are at least 20 % less fuel cost effective than the old models. Among other benefits, the new CNG buses fulfil the most demanding exhaust criteria of the EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle). This means, that the particular exhausts PM10, are so minuscule that they are almost harmless for citizens and the environment. Air pollution is thus foreseen to decrease by up to 80 percent. All measures for improvement of the public bus transport results also in better image of the bus as a mode of transport among passengers.

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August 2013

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