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Mobility Measure

Green Label Award & Tourist Mobility Card

The Tourist Mobility Card will be introduced to assist in increasing the number of tourists and residents using sustainable mobility modes for their leisure trips. The card will help travellers to do their planning based on sustainable mobility modes, and will enable visitors to discover both modes and tourist attractions at discounted rates.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The Tourist Mobility Card will be promoted and supported by hotels whom consequently will be awarded with The Green Label, providing a distinction to hotels that are committed to support sustainable mobility.

How did the measure progress?

The Tourist Mobility Card will enable visitors and residents to buy one ticket for the duration of their stay, for all their PT transfers (urban and rural) and at the same time be allowed to have discounted entrance to museums and other places of interest as well as on bike sharing. Five distribution points have been created in the tourist area and the Limassol city.

To date, Limassol has:

  • Determined the criteria and awarding procedure for the Green Label award and has identified businesses that will potentially participate in the Tourist Mobility Card.
  • Met several stakeholders (hoteliers) to participate in the Green Label Award procedure. 13 hotels have signed. Expect to complete the target of 20 by end of May 2018.