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Mobility Measure

Green credits: A business model for mobility, sustainability and tourism

Horários do Funchal, supported by other local partners, will introduce a regional and urban green credit scheme to promote sustainable mobility solutions. The system, based on a mobile app, will involve different relevant stakeholders and produce real benefits forr citizens and tourists. The platform should also serve as a business intelligence tool for shop owners who join the green credit system.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Development of a green credit scheme

As part of the measure, a single credit system will be developed based on “green points” to reduce carbon emissions and encourage healthy habits. All the different aspects of the concept were discussed at economic and social level, whilst several interactions took place that fed into the design of the green credit platform solution and development of the business plan.

Analyses regarding were carried out of existing solutions to track user's mobility patterns and gain points, including meetings with industry providers BetterPoints, LuxMobility and PostitiveDrive. The credit system is determining the technological requirements to design the platform.

Meanwhile, the commercial team is contacting potential business partners with the goal to encourage them to join the green credit scheme. It was possible to reach an agreement with "Frente Mar" (the local municipal company responsible for managing the local beaches) to provide discounts for monthly pass passengers (children and students).

Definition of the business model behind the platform.

The aspects related to the financial sustainability and core business features were defined during a business canvas activity. This activity was supported by the DESTINATIONS WP8 - Innovation management for growth.

Implementation Status

The measure is in operation and data for evaluation is being collected.

More information

A poster produced to communicate the discount at local beaches can be seen here.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Involvement in the platform of at least 30 institutional and business partners, 100 tourists and 100 citizens.
  • Increase user satisfaction with the mobility services.
  • Increase the attractiveness of local business.
  • Change the mobility behaviour of citizens and tourists towards using more sustainable transport modes.

Basic Information

MAD 6.2
December 2016

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