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Mobility Measure

park and ride
Goods deliveries to park and ride sites

Using clean vehicles operating from a city-centre retail complex, purchased goods were delivered to a suburban park and ride facility for collection by consumers.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Norwich has six park and ride sites along radial routes on the outskirts of the city, and the council offers high-quality, secure facilities and a reliable bus service as a realistic alternative to the car.

The introduction of a goods delivery service using some of the existing park and ride facilities aimed to reduce the number of car journeys into the city centre by increasing the use of collective transport by shoppers wishing to transport purchased goods. The ultimate aim was to improve air quality by reducing road congestion.

Tasks included:

  • identifying a suitable retail site within the area served by the Norwich park a ride sites or within a five-mile radius of Norwich;
  • identifying a suitable park and ride site;
  • developing a system for timely deliveries;
  • completing a marketing plan and developing publicity.

How did the measure progress?

In May 2007, CIVITAS funded a new service to the airport park and ride site (north of Norwich), operating Monday to Friday. There were three city-centre collection points: two in major independent stores and the other in a shopping centre.

Following involvement in the Airport Shop and Go service, one independent retailer funded a van and driver for a Monday to Friday service to the Thickthorn park and ride site from October 2007.

A Christmas only service was launched from November 25 to December 24, 2008. One van and a driver was used to deliver to both sites. Again, there were three city-centre collection points: two in major independent stores and one in a shopping centre.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The original intention was to operate a shop and go service all year round. This was not possible for financial reasons, as the cost of a part-time van and driver was too high. The trial at the airport park and ride site throughout 2007 proved that there is only really demand for the service during the Christmas and New Year period.