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Mobility Measure

Gamification as a way to induce behavioural change in mobility

The measure aims to promote sustainable transport modes through games and interactive innovative experiences.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Main actions

  • Promotion of public transport with gamification – Prototype of the app/platform is concluded and is currently being tested. It will be first launched for tourists as “MARGE - Madeira Gamification Experience” and then will be adapted for residents and students.

MARGe is an android and iOS application that integrates a secure authentication process, along with the iBeacon protocol. The solution includes some gamification techniques, in order to motivate users to use the application.

Users are invited to discover new places around the city by using the local public transport network. For this, there is hardware with specific solutions to validate users inside public transport. The application can be customised to different locations, is multilingual, and enables the storing of each user’s progression. 

  • Installation of a prototype of an interactive bus stop – Existing solutions, related work and proposals have been presented to partners. Concrete prototype requirements are being analysed for the design.

Main results expected

  • Increased use of more sustainable modes of transport.
  • Increased satisfaction with transport system.

Implementation Status

As of August 2019, the platform (including installation of beacons in buses and bus-stops) and app have been implemented and improved. Prototyping tests have carried with HF. The system is being prepared for public demonstration.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Increase the use of more sustainable modes of transport
  • Increase the satisfaction with transport system