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Mobility Measure

GALILEO-based real time public transport information system

Research was carried out by ACIS into a vehicle tracking and real time passenger information system based upon the EU GALILEO satellite system.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Research has been carried out to develop a complete telematic system using the EU GALILEO satellite system. This system would provide an alternative to the present RTPI systems which rely on the US military Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system.

The system would integrate with position-based vehicle tracking systems already in use, to develop a dual mode system based on both GPS and GALILEO. The aim is to achieve more accurate real time passenger information and reporting service for bus operators.  

How did the measure progress?

The research and development work has been completed and the Final Deliverable Report for the ACIS measure has now been produced.

The revised GALILEO launch programme (announced in 2010) will not enable the measure to be tested and evaluated before the end of the CIVITAS Plus programme in September 2012.  As a result, it is not practical for the measure to move to a demonstration project and it was therefore terminated after the research & development phase.  

What were the outcomes of the measure?

This measure incorporates only a study and design phase with no demonstration project.