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Mobility Measure

Freight Distribution Hub

Due to its relatively peripheral location in relation to UK distribution centresm, Scottish Central Belt regional distribution centres, UK distribution centres, and other key import/export gateways, the economy of Aberdeen is highly dependent upon efficient and effective logistics.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Aberdeen’s buoyant city centre retail and leisure economy is a principal focus for the city region, and sits adjacent to the harbour. The city centre is a declared Air Quality Management Area, and suffers regular periods of congestion throughout the day.

Recognising these challenges, previous work supported by the Interreg programme has supported research into city centre deliveries, research into freight distribution hubs, and European best practice.

This pointed towards benefits in encouraging commercially-led clusters of freight and distribution activities and value-led supplier activities. It also provided valuable best practice examples with respect to managing environmental impact (low/zero carbon fuels for distribution), efficient asset management, and supplier/end user collaborations.

The CIVITAS PORTIS project offers the opportunity to continue the development of the freight gateway concept for the benefit of city centre activities. Work for PORTIS ties into the realisation of the city centre masterplan and the revised strategic road network, whilst complementing the development of Aberdeen’s hydrogen fuelling infrastructure.