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Mobility Measure

Fast charging EV

Before CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, Sagulpa (the public parking company) had an electric van and a Twizy mini car within its fleet. The use of electric vehicles is being encouraged by the installation of 6 charging points at 3 different public parking facilities and the purchase of 3 electric vans for Sagulpa's fleet.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  • Increased satisfaction about the quality of mobility services.
  • Reduction of noise, emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Promotion of more sustainable ways of transport for tourists and residents.
  • Increase the use of electric vehicles.
  • Reduce barriers to taking up electric vehicles.
  • Introduction of new e-mobility technologies.
  • Raise awareness amongst the public about sustainable mobility benefits.
  • Increase the awareness among visitors about sustainable mobility options.
  • Widely share and communicate the sustainable mobility experiences and outcomes with the citizens and the key local stakeholders.
  • Shift of travel behaviour of tourists towards more sustainable modes

How will this be achieved?

  • Promoting electromobility thanks to the use of e-vans by SAGULPA’s Staff and the installations of e-charging stations at public parking facilities.


How did the measure progress?

  • The activities performed have been to develop the tender documentation and the purchase of 3 electric vans and the installation of 6 recharging points at the public parking areas of "Subida de Mata", “Fastpark" and "Rincón".
  • An inauguration of the 3 e-vans has been carried out. In addition, the different recharging points have been disseminated and communicated through the association of electric vehicles in Las Palmas, social media and nowadays are fully operational.
  • This measure is being monitored.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • 6 fast charging points.
  • 3 electric mini vans.