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Mobility Measure

EV legislation revision and charging infrastructure on Elba

This measure is aimed at boosting Elba Island's attractiveness to tourists by creating conditions that support the adoption of clean vehicles. The general goal is to help reduce pollution, noise emissions, and energy consumption, thereby creating a better island environment.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The measure is aimed at promoting e-mobility on the island among tourists and residents. In this respect, it was foreseen to install a few pieces of charging infrastructure in both Portoferraio and Rio.

The municipalities of Portoferraio and Rio signed an agreement with ENEL-X (National Electricity Board) to install 15 and 6 charging stations respectively in their own territory.

In addition, they have involved the other Elba Municipalities with the aim of facilitating the adoption of similar agreements on the whole island.

The municipalities are now working on the administrative acts and authorisation for the installation of the aforementioned e-mobility infrastructure.

Another aspect of this measure was the development of a common regulation among Elba's seven municipalities related to the use of clean vehicles on the island, in particular electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

This legislation should integrate several elements, including:

  • free parking in spaces allocated for electric vehicles;
  • free entry into the island's LTZ (Low Traffic Zone); and,
  • free charging of batteries in dedicated "green" car parks reserved for electric vehicles.

Given that the field is already regulated by national legislation, it has been decided to elaborate a Vademecum (a manual) about e-mobility on the island, with useful information for drivers of such vehicles. The document, prepared in Italian and English language, includes a map of related public infrastructure, some basic technical information about the recharging columns, and details on horizontal and vertical signs, and LTZ and parking areas for e-vehicles.


What were the outcomes of the measure?

The outcome of this measure is the implementation of green mobility solutions, thanks to the spreading on the island of dedicated e-charging infrastructures and proper information.

Considering also the efforts made to encourage the ferry companies to offer ticket discounts for e-vehicles, the general aim is to make it easier for tourists to arrive on the island with their own private electric car.