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Mobility Measure

EV legislation revision and charging infrastructure on Elba

This measure should boost the attractiveness of Elba island to tourists by creating conditions that support the adoption of clean vehicles. It will also help reduce pollution, noise emissions, and energy consumption, thereby creating a better island environment.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The measure foresees the development of a common regulation among the seven Elba Municipalities that promotes the use of clean vehicles, in particular EV and PHEV.

This rule will integrate several elements, including:

  • free parking in spaces allocated for electric vehicles;
  • free entry into the island's LTZ;
  • free charging of batteries in dedicated "green" car parks reserved for electric vehicles.

This regulation will be also included in SUMP development.

Moreover, some charging stations (with no equipment and operational costs for the project) will be installed at key locations around the island.

The process to install the charging stations is as follows:

  • Authorisation for the building of the EV charging stations (following internal municipality procedures);
  • Installation of the charging stations into dedicated car parks (the costs for this are already being covered from other sources);
  • Selection of subcontractors to carry out the construction work.