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Mobility Measure

Electrical vehicles and clean fuels for transport urban and interurban fleet

AREAM will coordinate with local partners pilot test with urban electric bus, the evaluation of the performance of 5 electric or hybrid buses and the demonstration of photovoltaic systems in tourism and interurban buses.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The measure implies the development of several pilot tests, which include the evaluation of the performance of electric buses (to be purchased with ERDF, Madeira 14-20 Operational Programme support). In addition to this, the work plan includes tests with eco drive system, pressure tire pressure monitoring system and the demonstration of photovoltaic systems. The measure aims to evaluate and test the transition from a diesel fleet to a more sustainable such electric one and test systems to promote more energy efficiency in collective passenger transport and safety and comfort of public transport users.


  • Implement a demonstration program with a urban electric bus in Madeira
  • Carry out a feasibility study of electrical/hybrid buses in Madeira.
  • Leverage a public transport fleet renewal with low emissions solutions and more efficient technologies, such electric one.
  • Launch an eco-driving programme so as to promote eco-driving habits among public transport drivers.
  • Test new systems to promote the eco-driving habits.
  • Develop a photovoltaic power supply solution for public transport buses.
  • Test new systems to monitor pressure and temperature of tires.
  • Improve the daily electricity load diagram imbalance, through the charging of night.

How will this be achieved?

The measure is structured of 4 main blocks:

  1. Demonstration program for electric or hybrid vehicles in public transport fleets
  • Test of electric bus in Madeira.
  • Market analysis for electrical/hybrid buses, choosing the appropriate vehicles for each circuit type (topography, number of passengers, the type of service).
  • Stakeholder’s involvement and creation of partnerships with relevant players.
  • Pilot test of alternative vehicles, to integrate the demonstration program.
  • Purchase of five electric or hybrid buses which will support the possible fleet renewal according to test results with alternative financing funds.
  • Definition of the evaluation parameters for circuit operation.
  1. Eco-driving programme
  • Implement an eco-driving system in public transport busses and define a long run incentive program based on performances.
  • Eco drive training sessions for public transport drivers
  1. Tire pressure monitoring system in urban service
  • Test of tire pressure monitoring system in urban buses.
  1. PV support system development and demonstration
  • The development and demonstration of a photovoltaic power supply solution for auxiliary electrical equipment.


How did the measure progress?

  • The measure is progressing well. The full month experience of electric bus in December 2017 was a complete success with a lot of feasibility data collected and relevant promotion campaign.
  • The support of ERDF is also essential to define the future of public transport in MADEIRA.
  • Eco-driving systems were installed on 20 buses.
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems are being progressively installed on 50 buses

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • 5 mini/midi electric or hybrid buses (co-financed by external funds)
  • 1 feasibility study of electrical/hybrid vehicles in Madeira
  • 20 busses equipped with eco-driving system
  • 50 drivers involved in monitoring system and incentive scheme
  • 6 training sessions and at least 200 drivers enrolled and trained
  • 50 buses equipped with tire-pressure monitoring system
  • 1 bus equipped with PV system
  • 1 business case study for PV system

Basic Information

MAD 7.1
December 2016

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