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Mobility Measure

Electric and hybrid vehicles

This measure sought to promote the use of non-pollutant vehicles (electric and hybrid) through the implementation of a bike rental service and a 50 percent parking discount to owners of electric/hybrid vehicles.

Implementing sustainable mobility

This measure played an important role in Funchal, since there are few electric and hybrid vehicles circulating in the region. Therefore, the Municipality expected to increase awareness and foster a positive attitude towards cleaner transport.
The main goals of the measure were to:
• Implement a 50% discount in the parking meters for owners of electric/hybrid vehicles (green tariff);
• Promote the acquisition of electric and hybrid vehicles and increase the use of alternative modes of transport;
• Implement a bike rental service (conventional bicycles, electric bicycles and electric scooters);
To promote electric and hybrid vehicles to the general population, Funchal has developed a green tariff that grants a 50 percent discount on parking fees to owners of electric or hybrid vehicles. Additionally, the Municipality have conducted several promotional campaigns such as conferences, exhibitions and other events.

How did the measure progress?

Funchal has already introduced the green tariff that allows hybrid and electric vehicles to park at a reduced rate. Moreover, the city has also carried on several awareness raising campaign including conferences and exhibitions focused on less polluting vehicles. Aditionally, the Municipality has been organizing local events and participating in the European Mobility Week since 2009, in which the main highlights were the promotion of non-pollutant vehicles. In order to enhance the acquisition of these vehicles, the City plans to extend the green tariff to four large parking lots. The Municipality believes it is important to boost the renewal of current automobile park for less polluting vehicles.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Since January 2010, the green tariff has been used over 800 times. Interestingly enough, just the first semester of 2012 generated more uses than the total of the previous two years, which proves the increasing interest in the green tariff which surely is related to a greater use has been well accepted among subscribers and it also reveals an increase of hybrid and electric vehicles circulating in the city.
To evaluate the impact of the campaign, the number of less pollutant vehicles purchased in 2009 and in 2012 were compared: In 2012, 15 hybrid vehicles
were purchased compared with 5 in 2008.
Additionally, this measure contributed for the adhesion of the Municipality to the Covenant of Mayors whose goal is to reduce CO2 levels by 20%.

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