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Mobility Measure

Developing a parking strategy

Parking strategies and parking pricing measures can be used to reduce traffic in congested areas and improve the urban environment.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Traffic levels in typically congested city-centre areas can be managed via parking strategies that control the demand for parking places and encourage the use of public transport services.

The aim of the measure was therefore to:

  • develop a consistent and equitable pricing structure for both on-street and off-street parking;
  • use parking pricing as a demand management measure by adjusting the relative costs of on-street and off-street parking and park and ride services;
  • ensure that parking costs fully reflect the costs of providing and maintaining parking spaces;
  • enhance the commercial attractiveness and performance of specific urban areas by making best use of all modes of transport, particularly for travel into the city centre; and
  • ensure, as far as possible, that new parking developments do not distort demand for parking or public transport services.

How did the measure progress?

  • Work began with the setting up of a group bringing together providers of on-street and off-street parking and park and ride services. This group defined the detailed objectives of the measure.
  • Specific data were collected about the current cost and usage of parking spaces.
  • A survey was undertaken to ascertain users’ opinions on current parking provision and pricing, and reactions to possible changes. This helped in the development of an integrated parking pricing policy consistent with public transport access charges.
  • The policy was then implemented and monitored to assess reactions and effectiveness.
  • The policy was regularly reviewed and any necessary changes made to maintain and improve its effectiveness.
  • Discussions were held with relevant parties to ensure that similar principles are adopted in the case of new parking developments.


What were the outcomes of the measure?

Results from two surveys conducted in relation to parking policy in Preston showed an increase in the use of car parks for park and ride purposes. Respondents stated that their choice of car park in Preston was based on distance to destination and that the main reason for travelling into the city was shopping. Concerns were raised by respondents that some parking charges could become too high.This fact sheet has been updated by a third party on the basis of available information (not by the city itself), therefore we do not guarantee any data with respect to their content, completeness or up-to-dateness.