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Mobility Measure

Developing a new ticketing system

More convenient ticketing options can encourage passengers to use public transportation regularly, cutting the number of private cars on congested city streets.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Making public transport more convenient by introducing integrated tickets or smart cards can be part of wider strategies to increase the use of this sustainable mode. The objective is not to make more money for the operator, since administrative costs may well be higher than any revenue gains. However, retaining existing public transport users and attracting new passengers by saving them time and hassle when purchasing tickets has major environmental benefits. 

How did the measure progress?

The implementation of complex, integrated ticketing systems is challenging technically: technical advice provided by external consultants, ticket machine/software suppliers and the local authorities is vital to success. The introduction of new tickets must also be accompanied by awareness raising among users and public transport staff. 

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The measure resulted in:

  • Increased ease of ticket purchasing.
  • New users attracted to public transport.
  • 7 percent increase in overall efficiency.

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November 2011

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