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Mobility Measure

Designing sustainable, safe, and accessible bike and pedestrian routes

Implementing sustainable mobility

This measure aims to increase the safety and accessibility of bike and pedestrian routes for residents and tourists. Work will be undertaken around the island to achieve this.

In Portoferraio and the surrounding area, measures will be designed and implemented that improve accessibility to and safety on cycle and pedestrian paths. The panoramic “Cammino di Rada” route will be upgraded.

In Rio Marina, areas around the port will be regenerated to remove any architectural barriers that prevent cycling. This will be carried out in the framework of the current “Design renewal of the back stage harbour areas" project. Funding for this has already been secured from other sources. Bike access within the municipality's urban areas will also be improved.

Generally, accessibility to existing paths along the coast will be improved, whilst maps and electronic totems will be installed at key points along bike and pedestrian paths.

Basic Information

ELB 3.2
March 2017

Thematic Areas