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Mobility Measure

A common Elba SUMP for residents and tourists

Implementing sustainable mobility


The following points are the main the Elba SUMP aims to achieve:

  • Increase overall accessibility on Elba and quality of the transport offer with an efficient and affordable public transport (PT) service for tourists and residents.
  • Reduce car trips and increase the use of collective shared mobility services;
  • Reduce congestion and emissions;
  • Release the “Sustainable ELBA Mobility Covenant” among the 7 different ELBA municipalities (SEMC).

How will this be achieved?

The main planned actions are:

  • Identification of the baseline and the main common objectives;
  • Analysis and definition of users' needs (tourists and residents) and the different offer features;
  • Kick-start discussions among all relevant actors;
  • Identification of the main suitable solutions for individual and collective mobility, logistics, and PT services;
  • Define of the support conditions and organisation and the related costs (investments and operation/maintenance);
  • Cost/benefit analysis;
  • Definition of a common normative framework, initially focusing on access regulations to the inner city and parking policies;
  • Evaluation of the economic and environmental impacts;
  • Discussion and selection of measures;
  • Definition of a road map for SUMP approval by all Elba Municipalities (SUSTAINABLE ELBA MOBILITY COVENANT).

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Basic Information

ELB 2.1
March 2017

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