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Mobility Measure

Clean mini-bus fleet implementation

The implementation a LPG propelled mini bus fleet for public transport in Szczecinek by KMSz

Implementing sustainable mobility

To increase the use of alternative fuels and energy – efficient transport in the city by implementation of LPG propelled mini bus fleet for public transport.

This measure was expected to raise awareness about alternative fuels and stimulate the use of energy - efficient collective passenger transport.

One of the most important  sectors is to provide inhabitants and visitors easy and available means of transport in order to realize everyday tasks as a result of human existence. The relevance of this measure has a significant impact on the change of residents transport behaviours. It results from the increase in number of cars on city streets, congestion and environmental impact of road transport in the city. KMSz has made a decision to implement three minibuses fuelled by Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as unconventional fuel. For correct operating process of these vehicles and in order to promote alternative fuel systems, PT operator has decided to organize a technical service point for vehicles fuelled by LPG. Technical service point provides services within the scope of maintenance and repairs of LPG fuel systems. These services are available to other users of this type of vehicles. As an extra service of PT operator is automatic eco-carwash which is able to wash both cars and trucks. This is the only carwash of this type in the city  

How did the measure progress?

Public transport has lost passengers during the last years due to the increased level of car ownership. To be able to re-attract passengers, the modernization of the public transport system was necessary. The situation and the emission standard of the bus fleet required changes for alternative fuels and more energy – efficient solutions. During four years of project three new LPG mini buses has been purchased and now operates  on the low demand bus lines as well as on the night course lines.  Together with the implementation of the LPG mini buses, the LPG technical maintenance point has been set up and a publicly accessible ecological vehicle wash point. The measure is being demonstrated to the public and will continue its operation also after the RENAISSANCE project end.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

- The measure expanded the service scope (eco-carwash, technical service point) – it resulted in increase of economic effectiveness (about 10%), - The new direction in change of public transport offers was observed (“clean”, attractive and safe vehicles), - Alternative fuel system for PT vehicles was used (LPG fuel system) , - The increase in PT attractiveness and quality of services (about 90% of satisfied passengers) was obtained - The decrease in carbon monoxide was achieved ( to 50%)

Basic Information

March 2013

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