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Mobility Measure

Awareness on the use of sustainable mobility for leisure trips

This measure aims to increase awareness about the available sustainable mobility modes in Limassol by providing tourists with informative material and encouraging them to use sustainable mobility modes on their leisure trips.

Implementing sustainable mobility

For this purpose, campaigns and competitions are designed to attract both residents and tourists to make them aware about the available sustainable mobility solutions for their leisure transportation, environmental benefits and for their personal health.

How did the measure progress?

Limassol successfully organised two competitions targeting both tourists and locals, to encourage the target groups to become interested in sustainable mobility modes for leisure trips. Competitions were organised at high publicity events and attracted the participation of more than 6,000 individuals

Promotional campaigns were organised to raise awareness on the sustainable mobility modes, including: social media announcements, outdoor banners, articles at local magazines and newspapers, radio announcements, newsletters, distribution of promotional material at tourist information offices, hotels, local authority offices and other popular events.