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Mobility Measure

Attractive public transport

Effective marketing and communication make public transport attractive, improving its image and making services more appealing for tourists and residents alike. The work in Madeira will focus on improving areas currently considered to fall below user expectations, such as information at bus stops and how public transport is portrayed online. Improving these will improve the overall image of public transport.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Implementing 40 redesigned bus stops 

Considering the need to inform tourists and residents , the information displayed in bus stops was updated. Funchal is characterised by its very narrow streets, meaning there are considerable space limitations regarding the presentation of public transport information. It was therefore necessary to redefine how the information was presented.

Interactive ride experiences in 10 adapted buses

Horários do Funchal is planning interactive activities inside its buses to provide passengers with a more attractive and fun trip experience.

Three videos of panoramic bus trips

Horários do Funchal is preparing promotional videos to show how key touristic sites can be reached by bus and bus trips can be interesting and fun. Meanwhile, some short videos have already been produced to promote the use of public transport. This was done in tandem with the development of a sustainable regional mobility plan (MAD 2.1).

Restyling of four PT information offices

The information vinyl covering the automatic vending machines was updated in order to be more attractive and promote the use of public transport. The PT information and ticket offices were also analysed to define the improvements needed. In the main ticket office, the office was restyled and a queue management system introduced to improve customer service.

Improve the quality and accessibility of bus stops

A plan to improve the accessibility of the bus stops was completed and is being implemented. This activity is related to MAD 3.1.

Communication activities

The activities that have already occured are a “bring a friend” campaign; a drawing contest with PT staff’s children; a direct connection between the hotels’ area and one main attraction point; ticket sales through a sightseeing company; gift check promotion at Christmas time; two new brochures on “Top 5” and “To the city centre of Funchal” (see below); and promotion of PT services during sport events.

Implementation Status

The measure is in operation and data for evaluation is being collected.

More info

  • Top 5 tours - read PDF
  • Timetable for city centre public transport line in Funchal - read PDF.
  • Video promoting the use of public transport - watch here.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Better service in PT information offices.
  • Increase the share of tourists that use PT services.