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Mobility Measure

Attractive public transport

HF, with the support of DESTINATIONS partners SRETC and CMF, will carry out public transport marketing approaches, to make it more appealing for tourists.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Attractive public transport consists in communication program of sub-actions intending to improve public transport (PT) image and turn it more appealing for tourists and residents alike. It develops upon the areas where it is felt that PT is weaker or does not offer adequate response, such as bus stop information, digital presence and lobbying and overall image of PT itself.


  • To ease the access of tourists and residents alike to PT related information
  • To enhance accessibility and comfort at bus stops
  • To nurture PT staff towards a more commercial attitude
  • To boost ticketing options

How will this be achieved?

The main planned actions are:

  • Redesign bus stops layout, to be more comfortable and attractive in order to reduce the perception of the bus waiting time; This intervention will target three areas were local partners feel that resources will impact most, namely the touristic areas of Monte, Botanical Garden and Pico dos Barcelos (a popular viewpoints);
  • Punchy/commercial videos about what to do in Funchal using public transportation; These videos will be displayed in the regional TV, in the main gateways of entrance, in the stakeholders websites and also at tourism fairs;
  • Development of inspirational videos to be used at specific training campaigns targeting bus drivers. These videos are expected to guide bus drivers and other PT staff towards a more commercial approach focusing on the clients expectations and needs;
  • Better image and look of public transport company "front office" to combine tourism and transport information and back-office as well (e.g. using a platform to sell tickets online);
  • Use of smart marketing techniques through social media to showcase the activities implemented and also to collect opinions and suggestions;
  • Promotion of touristic events on buses and bus stops;
  • Installation of 5 interactive panels in the PT Operator sales and information outlets (Teleférico, Pinga; Alfândega; Marina and Anadia);
  • Installation of one digital mupi in the port facilities or nearby.


How did the measure progress?

Videos and other communication materials are under definition.

Some news items were produced to maximize exposure of activities taken place before this 3rd internal period (e.g. the “Bring a Friend” Campaign”, which was published in the CIVITAS portal).

The requirements for the queue management system were defined as well as the ones required for the videos. The current main focus is to finalize these procurements.

HF has prepared a standard image of the bus stops and service information displayed there

HF has continued distributing the Top5 Low Cost Tours brochure prepared in previous reporting

periods. They are mainly distributed at HF sales outlets and other interesting points.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

At least 40 bus stops information redesigned (in conjunction with the measure 3.1) and accessibility to these bus stops ought to be improved

5 Public transport front office restyled with interactive panels

Production of at least 1 video for training purposes and 3 PT commercial videos

Launch of a new PT image

One online platform to sell PT tickets

Deployment of an innovative and electronically queue management system, so as to organize, engage and measure waiting times at sales and information outlets