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Mobility Measure

Rethymno increases urban accessibility and safety for people with disabilities by implementing new systems at traffic light crossings in the city centre and new infrastructure to improve accessibility to the beach.
Active healthy and inclusive mobility for all

Rethymno is increasing urban accessibility and safety for people with disabilities by implementing new systems at traffic light crossings in the city centre and new infrastructure to improve accessibility to the beach.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Rethymno will enhance the existing services and infrastructure for cycling and walking. This should motivate citizens and visitors to engage in active mobility and lead a car-free lifestyle.

The measure foresees the expansion of the cycling network, improved signage, reallocation of road space and complementary provisions to link public transport with cycling and walking. The city will also introduce a new mobility strategy and new infrastructure for the accessibility of beaches and main attraction points for the physically impaired in order to further improve accessibility for all.

The measure’s objectives are:

  • to expand the existing walking/cycling network and to improve existing infrastructure.
  • to improve links between PT and other mobility modes.
  • to promote a “car-free” lifestyle.
  • to increase use of public spaces for walking and cycling.
  • to improve services and organise leisure trips for people with disabilities, making the city a more convenient and desirable travel destination for tourists with disabilities.
  • to reduce accidents in the area involving people with disabilities.

The main planned actions are:

  • An assessment study of current walking and cycling accessibility, including the rehabilitation of historic/touristic landmarks area and complementary provisions to link PT with cycling and walking.
  • A user needs analysis to devise efficient behaviour change approaches and promote inclusion and sharing.
  • Workshops organised with relevant stakeholders and the association of people with disabilities to better address the target group’s needs and expectations.
  • Promotional activities to support and motivate bottom-up behavioural change amongst citizens from all age groups.  
  • Study recommending accessibility solutions at main attraction points for people with disabilities and an action plan for the accessibility of beaches.
  • Design of integrated touristic day routes especially for disabled people.
  • Tailor-made maps that identify accessible points distributed to hotels and put online.
  • Infrastructure/equipment to improve accessibility to beaches.
  • Installation of new traffic light systems to assist blind and deaf people at road crossings.

How did the measure progress?

The activities implemented so far include:

  • Assessment study of the current walking and cycling networks and links with PT. 
  • Informative workshops and consultation events with Rethymno’s Association of Disabled People and other key stakeholders.
  • Analysis of the needs and expectations of people with disabilities through interviews.
  • Research of available solutions and technical specifications of available infrastructure for road crossing systems designed specifically for disabled people.
  • Design study and market research for the technical specifications of the equipment for improving accessibility to beaches. Procurement and installation completed.
  • Installation of new systems at traffic lights.
  • Design of tailor-made day routes for people with disabilities.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The expected outcomes of the measure are:

  • New bike lanes and walking routes.
  • New/improved signage; Map of cycling/walking main routes including links to PT.
  • Instigating mobility behavioural changes towards more active mobility and adopting a “car-free” lifestyle.
  • Improved accessibility to beaches.
  • New road crossing systems for blind and deaf people.
  • New day routes designed for people with disabilities and the creation of a map including accessible points.