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Mobility Measure

Access and parking management in the city centre

This measure represents one of the most promising tools to protect the inner city from the negative impacts of traffic congestion and improve quality of life for residents.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The volume of traffic on the two main access roads into the centre of Debrecen regularly led to traffic congestion during peak periods, which also affected public transport services.

In order to limit the volume of private vehicles going into the city centre, the city of Debrecen planned to develop the car park of a conference venue outside the city centre as a park and ride facility. In addition, the city aimed to install an on-line system in the existing traffic control centre to monitor traffic flow and improve air quality. Count-down metres were also installed at traffic lights in order to increase the efficiency of traffic flow at certain junctions.

How did the measure progress?

In June 2005, the city installed 50 electronic display countdown timers at traffic lights at 15 junctions. The countdown timer displays the seconds remaining until the next traffic light cycle (red/green) for both drivers and pedestrians. At the same time, the city of Debrecen modified the traffic light cycles at these junctions in order to improve traffic flow.

In April 2008, the city installed static information signs and variable message signs on one of the main access roads, informing drivers about the availability of park and ride facilities.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The modification of the traffic light cycles, the creation of the traffic control system and the installation of countdown timers rapidly had a positive impact on city centre traffic flow.

The number of cars using the external park and ride facilities rather than entering the city centre also increased.

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