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Innovative solutions tested in real life - additional materials

Innovative solutions in real life

The second week of the event is all about results, with the focus placed on the tangible impacts that the 16 European cities have achieved over the last four years. In the live session, all three projects present their innovative solutions, with a discussion delving into the evaluated results.

In this week‘s materials section, the project's thematic webinars are available to view. Covering a wide variety of topics, these offer practical advice and inspiration from cities. Alongside this, there is a rich collection of fact sheets, reports and further in-depth information about all measures and results.


See the measure videos

This week's playlist includes recordings from all our thematic webinars, which provide in-depth information. There are also shorter video clips illustrating a variety of measures and results.

Materials in the spotlight


CIVITAS DESTINATIONS final project brochure

The final project leaflet from CIVITAS DESTINATIONS presents the achievements of the six project sites in touristic island locations across Europe. Learn more about the project results, success stories and challenges encountered during the four-year lifetime of the project.

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MaaS Readiness Level Indicators for local authorities

These Mobility as a Service (MaaS) readiness level indicators highlight aspects of MaaS development that reveal the extent to which local authorities are prepared to establish their own MaaS offer. They serve as a starting point for local authorities.

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CIVITAS PORTIS Innovation Brochure No. 1

This brochure serves as an introduction to CIVITAS PORTIS’s own unique innovation process, laying out the conditions required for innovation and activities that can foster it. Within the project, this process has been applied to a select number of the 40 being implemented in total.

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Session 2 recording – 13 October 2020