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This website contains a large library of e-learning resources about all aspects of sustainable mobility. Below you can filter this collection of past eCourses, recorded webinars, presentations held at webinars, training material, etc. By selecting multiple criteria you will narrow down the search results. If you leave a filter empty, it is the same as if you selected all options in a given field.

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Video, Webinar

Jan 2018

SUMP Learning Programme

This is the third webinar of SUMP Learning Programme 1, which took place from September 2017 to March 2018. The webinar focuses on the topic of SUMP as a strategic document.

Main presenters: David Harris and Joe Clarbour, Birmingham City Council, present how the Birmingham Transport Space Allocation policy was developed, which helps shift the spatial balance in the city towards walking, biking and public transport.


City of Birmingham, ICLEI, UBC, Rupprecht Consult
This Video, Webinar was created under the project:



Oct 2015


This is an impressive series of videos from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia about urban transport issues with a focus on (southeast-asian) countries in transition. The topics covered include: Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA). Transport Modelling. Solutions to Urban Transport Problems. Financial Analysis. Road Safety. Traffic Calming. The intended learning outcomes are stated as: (1) Ability to evaluate urban transport problems and give appropriate solutions. (2) Ability to forecast future transport demand and plan for future urban transport facilities (3) Ability to conduct urban transport study.

The National University of Malaysia Riza Atiq Rahmat