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Jun 2018

EIP-SCC Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster Webinar

Are you interested in smart mobility? Would you like to know more about 5 European initiatives that roll out new, smarter and sustainable solutions in European cities?

The EIP-SCC Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster (EIP-SCC SUM AC) is pleased to invite you to a webinar taking place on-line on 20th June 2018, from 13:00 to 14:30 CET.

This webinar will give you the opportunity to hear about the cities and companies that are leading 5 actions as part of the European Innovation Partnership in Smart cities and communities. Their aim is to become the leading platform for understanding city needs, for bringing stakeholders together, building the tools that support an innovation pipeline, and directly supporting individual networks and projects that are en-route to realisation.

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster focuses on five Initiatives:

  • Urban Air Mobility (UAM) – lead by Airbus, it aims to  contribute to bringing urban mobility into the third dimension – the airspace (flying vehicles)– by offering a marketplace-driven forum of diverse mobility stakeholders (ground and air) to jointly work towards city-centric demonstration projects at intra-city and inter-city (regional) level;
  • Intelligent Mobility For Energy Transition (IMET) – lead by Nissan, it aims to create a mechanism for the development of sustainable energy models through e-mobility solutions as an innovative product for the development of smart cities;
  • New Mobility Services (NMS) – lead by the Province of Noord-Brabant/ Brabanstad, it aims to build a common ground for New Mobility Services, supporting service replication and cooperation between cities and private sector;
  • E-Vehicles for Smart Cities and Communities (EV4SCC) – lead by Urban Foresight, it is mobilising a Europe-wide dialogue on the potential for electric vehicles to be integrated with smart city initiatives and aims to create the world’s largest marketplace for smart electric mobility solutions;
  • Alternative Fuels Special Vehicles (AFSV) – lead by Aebi-Schmidt, it aims to create a guideline that draws on the very latest and most appropriate technologies to recommend to cities to help steer a clear path in order to achieve the zero emission target in the field of special vehicles.

Participation to the webinar is free. If you wish to participate, please register here.




Jun 2018


This first SUITS webinar deals with public procurement, innovative financing and business models for sustainable urban transport and mobility. The recording is now available at the link below. The webinar is also complemented by an e-learning course - find it here - which discusses aspects mentioned in the webinar in more detail.



May 2018

Sustainable Urban Freight Transport: A Global Perspective

Life in the city relies on the smooth operation of urban logistics. Everything from retail to services, construction to waste collection rely on an efficient and reliable freight transport system. However, with the increasing pressures of urbanization, this has to be balanced with the environmental and social impacts caused by transport activity. This is the challenge of City Logistics, a field of study that has significant practical implications for the world and the cities we live in. It is not merely a question of what is involved, but what can be done about urban freight transport to improve it for the sake of economic efficiency, quality of life, and sustainability. From a systematic scientific foundation of the field, this course will take you on a journey to learn how city logistics is understood and practiced in cities around the world. Our instructors, members of a renowned global expert network, will teach you the basics of this highly complex social system. Using their experience in real-world projects, they will illustrate how the knowledge learnt in this course is applied across industry and the public sector. This course caters primarily to university students or professionals working in urban transport infrastructure planning or logistics management. Whether you are simply curious about the topic or you intend to develop a career in these fields, this course will give you the tools you need to understand the complexities of urban freight transport systems. The course emphasizes the theoretical foundation, the rigorous evaluation, and a multi-disciplinary approach to this complex area. Course participants will benefit from numerous case studies of best practice in selected cities around the world, in a variety of business settings. Our emphasis on the global perspective is particularly relevant, since an understanding of local culture and political climate is an important factor in the success of any city logistics intervention. The course will provide an avenue for students to learn from their peers about the challenges faced in their respective cities, and how to apply the principles learned to the challenges faced in their own cities.

What you'll learn:

  • To identify the main logistics challenges facing cities around the world
  • To understand the complex nature of urban freight transport systems
  • To evaluate freight traffic impacts
  • To explore the different approaches to solving urban freight transport problems
  • To identify the research methods used to develop and apply knowledge in this field



TU Delft


Mar 2018

EV100 webinars

This webinar has the topic - "Transitioning corporate fleets to EVs - experiences from Deutsche Post DHL and Vattenfall"


The Climate Group


Apr 2017

Eurotransport webinars

Today, more and more onus is on governments to provide seamless inter-modal travel for their citizens. With increased transport options comes greater need for instant data exchange between transportation authorities providing the would be passenger with the right information at the right place in the right time. This webinar will discuss the key challenges in providing a seamless intermodal travel scenario and provide answers how to address these challenges.

Some of the topics to be discussed in this webinar are:

  • How to improve multimodal travel with technology – what is there, what is missing
  • How to design the best door to door information platform which would provide a traveller with personalized and real – time data
  • Smart Ticketing
  • Last mile problem
  • What travelers expect from inter-modal terminals and stops – PTL model – place – time – language




Aug 2014

SUTP Webinar

Este webinar busca demostrar la importancia de la eficiencia energética en el sector de transporte de carga carretero. Con base en las experiencias del NAMA de Transporte de carga carretero en México, explicará las acciones principales de mitigación tales como la implementación y seguimiento de tecnologías de ahorro de combustible y los cursos de conducción eco-eficiente (racional). Además de esto, las barreras principales y áreas de oportunidad para reducir consumo de combustible en el sector serán resaltadas.



Apr 2013


CIVITAS VANGUARD and the CIVITAS thematic group ‘Urban Freight Logistics’ held a WEBINAR on how the cities of Stockholm, Utrecht, London and Hasselt have set up their Urban Consolidation Centres (UCCs). Through short 15-minute presentations this webinar looked at the experience from four different cities, including success factors, barriers and lessons learned, the role of local authorities and other stakeholders, services offered, business models, and policies which ‘complement’ the implementation of UCCs.

CIVITAS thematic group "Urban Freight Logistics" Eva Sunnerstedt, Mark Degenkamp, Darren Briggs, Marc Schepers
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