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Apr 2020


Living in the city without a car and travelling sustainably in an easy and accessible way? Cities can make this possible by installing mobility stations.

The City of Munich, like so many European cities, is seeing new housing development and new residential areas growing. The city wants to move away from the usual one parking spot per housing unit regulation, freeing up public space for other uses and supporting its citizens in making sustainable mobility choices at the same time.

As part of the EU-funded CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project Munich has set up several mobility stations. Mobility stations combine and provide a number of mobility services to ensure that suitable means of transport are available for any purpose at any time and offer a real alternative to car ownership.

What does a city need to consider when developing mobility stations? How to get the public on board with these new plans? Which results can be expected? During this practitioner’s webinar, the City of Munich shared its experience and dove into the lessons learned. The webinar was held on April 7th 2020.


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Apr 2016

TIDE: Non-motorised transport

Even if the route from home to destination is safe and comfortable for cycling, if the bike parking is insufficient or unsafe, people will be discouraged from cycling for transportation. This course will look at different types of bike parking and what types are appropriate for different locations. It will also address the value to businesses and to employers of providing bike parking for their customers and employees.

Rupprecht Consult
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