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Nov 2020

Mobilising Mobility

This webinar explores a range of project pioneering innovative approaches to Mobility as a Service (MaaS). First Roberto Palacin from MyCorridor will present an international approach to MaaS, how to look beyond the local arena and implement MaaS across borders. This is followed by Maurizio Veronese from CIVITAS HANDSHAKE, who will present the MaaS situation and the bike sharing system in the city of Turin.

In many cases, MaaS systems require Public-Private collaboration to succeed, Soufian Jahouh from the MOBI-MIX project will present an interactive tool designed to help cities implement such collaboration in Smart Mobility. This webinar is moderated by Ivo Cre. Speakers include: Roberto Palacin from the University of NewCastle (MyCorridor) Maurizio Veronese from 5T Turin (CIVITAS HANDSHAKE) Soufian Jahouh from the City of Rotterdam (MOBI-MIX)

The webinar was orgnanisd by POLIS in cooperation with MyCorridor, MOBI-MIX, HANDSHAKE and CIVITAS SATELLITE projects.


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