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This perception persists when organising open-air activities, festivals or street events. Whether you are a private company or a municipality, it is thought that you can’t avoid using a car to tran...

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 06/Dec/2019

As part of their work in CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, Funchal, a city on the island of Madeira (Portugal), and Rethymno (Greece) are making significant strides in zero-emission mobility.  

Author: Panos Coroyannakis
Posted on: 05/Dec/2019

This landmark document, whose publication marked an important milestone in the take-up of new planning approaches in Europe, can be found...

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 04/Dec/2019
Through this pledge, businesses receive tools to co-design and tailor innovative solutions to facilitate sustainable and healthy commuting for their employees. This includes:
Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 29/Nov/2019

Developed within the framework of CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, its activities centre on the districts located within the project's Living Lab: Puente de Vallecas and Villa de Vallecas.

Author: Esther Kreutz
Posted on: 25/Nov/2019

These and many more questions will be discussed in two upcoming webinars from the METAMORPHOSIS project.

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 22/Nov/2019

These efforts will be carried out through new collaboration schemas among the relevant stakeholders to establish solutions for more efficient and profitable use and management of charging infrastru...

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 20/Nov/2019

Over the last two years, a co-creative participation process has been set up in each of the CVITAS SUNRISE Action Neighbourhoods in Bremen, Budapest, Jerusalem, Malmo, Southend-On-Sea and Thessalon...

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 13/Nov/2019

The investment will help build missing connections across the continent while focusing on safer, smarter and more sustainable transport modes.

Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc stated: ...

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 08/Nov/2019

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