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Mobility Measure

Transferring real-time information

Implementing sustainable mobility

Together with MEDGreen, Constanta City will develop an ICT platform for the analysis and optimisation of passenger transport lines.

This will integrate a comprehensive database that contains traffic information and the architecture of the street network, whilst also identifying shopping centres, office buildings, public services, and other types of destinations or passenger sources.

This platform will enable the development of a user interface to transfer real-time information to travellers regarding the position of buses, alternative routes, and guidance for paying tickets, alongside other relevant information.

The interface will also be able to exchange digital data with the GPS/GPRS tracking platforms of different public transport operators.

Specific attention will be given to the interoperability of real-time data exchange. The general public will be able to access this via a webpage and various mobile devices with internet access.


Basic Information

January 2017

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