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Mobility Measure

Implementing virtual e-mobility

Implementing sustainable mobility

Within this measure, the current situation regarding online public services offered by the municipality will be analysed.

At the same time, an internal survey will be conducted at the municipality level in order to identify the services that have potential to be promoted online.

After all data has been gathered and new online service(s) identified, the municipality web site architecture will be improved in order to facilitate the provision of the new online service(s).

The analyses will also involve restructuring some of services as a one-stop-shop in order to reduce the need to travel to different institutions.

MEDGreen Cluster shall prepare a report based on the survey conducted in Aberdeen, Antwerp, Klaipeda, and Trieste to identify best practices for promoting e-jobs.

Voluntary partners located in city centre and in Constanta Port will be selected, with demonstration activities conducted involving 20 different positions from the public administration and different companies in the Port.

For each case, the number of travels and the modes of transportation used before performing remote jobs will be evaluated.