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Mobility Measure

Establishing a decision-support forum

Implementing sustainable mobility

This measure will be the backbone of PORTIS and is trying to bring the concept of multilevel governance to life in Constanta.

In this measure, local PORTIS partners will form a working group to analyse the current situation. This will facilitate better understanding of the actual situation regarding the city/port relationships in the context of sustainable urban mobility.

This will be strengthened by a comparative analysis on best practices for sustainable urban mobility planning currently being used in the partner cities.

The main stakeholders that will be invited to participate in the Mobility Forum will be identified through a collaborative process that is based on other cities' best practice.

The Forum is envisaged to act as a think tank for producing a common approach to the development of integrated mobility solutions in the city and port as a whole, including citizen participation.

The Forum will also serve as the place where stakeholders periodically meet and discuss mobility issues in order to identify the best solutions to specific mobility challenges. These will feed into a list of project ideas.



Basic Information

January 2017

Thematic Areas