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Political Advisory Comittee

The Political Advisory Committee (PAC) is a small group of leading and highly motivated politicians that acts as the steering group of the CIVITAS initiative and network of cities.

The main activities PAC members are responsible for are:

  1. Delivering policy recommendations;
  2. Reinforcing the liaison between the EC and the CIVITAS network of cities as well as the CIVINET national and regional networks;
  3. Evaluating the city host applications for the yearly CIVITAS Conference among the candidate cities and providing input for the agenda of the Conference;
  4. Taking part in key CIVITAS activities such as study tours, peer reviews and thematic working groups;
  5. Ensuring and strengthening the involvement of local Politicians from CIVITAS cities in the CIVITAS activities;
  6. Advise and support the organization of CIVITAS core activities.

PAC members meet three times a year. The current PAC was selected in July 2018 and will serve until 2020. The last meeting took place during the CIVITAS Forum, in Graz (Austria) on 2 October 2019.


PAC Statements

Statements constitute one of the PAC's most important outputs. Often taking the form of policy recommendations, these contribute to the work of policy makers working in urban mobility at European, national and local level. They also support the identification of CIVITAS's policy priorities and seek to mobilise industry, transport operators, and other stakeholders.