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An innovative tool for public participation in urban planning: I need help to test it!

I am looking for offices or organisations working with public participation in urban planning/design to test out an innovative tool to improve the communication between designers and citizens during participatory processes.

Some expected advantages.
The tool...
1) ... organises the messy information flow generated by citizens when asked about "problems and solutions" about a certain area;
2) ... allows the integration of planners expertise with citizens local knowledge.
3) ... allows citizens to understand how they influenced the decision-making process;
4) ... is low-tech, easy to use.
5) ... provides citizens with a better understanding of complex problems than other techniques, like maps, renderings and schemes;
6) ... provide a shared framework for a constructive and transparent transdisciplinary discussion, leading to mutual learning (e.g. from planners to citizens and vice versa).
7) ... can adapt to any participatory technique (Workshop, Charrettes, Open Space Technology, Future Search Conference, etc.);
8) ... generates outputs which can be used for further projects in the same area, adapting to change.

Overall, this tool holds a great potential to improve the quality of citizens' deliberation in terms of (1) more rational argumentation, (2) more accurate claims, (3) more transparent decision-making.

This project is part of my PhD programme. My name is Aurelio David, I am an Architect specialised in sustainability and collaborative planning in architecture and urban design.
If you are interested in knowing more about the tool or the experiment, please contact me at:

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