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Supporting cross-project coordination, exchange mechanisms & capacity-building

A series of four Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) currently fall under or are affiliated with the CIVITAS Initiative. CSAs support cross-project coordination, serve as exchange mechanisms and facilitate capacity building, be it for projects for the research and Living Lab projects under the CIVITAS Intiative or in certain thematic areas.

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For over a decade, the CIVITAS Initiative has tested and demonstrated innovative solutions for cleaner and better urban transport and mobility, working towards the goal of achieving "Cleaner and Better Transport in Cities”. The programme has developed and evolved, each year bringing new cities – and starting in 2015 also new types of projects – into the “CIVITAS family”, always maintaining and furthering its ambitious goals to drive innovative policies and technologies forward to tackle urban mobility challenges. Having had a great impact in further developing European urban mobility policies, CIVITAS now aims to deliver solutions to help meet the targets of the Urban Mobility Package.

CIVITAS SATELLITE aims to help cities gain better access to innovative solutions to properly address transport challenges they are facing. Cities, as the closest link to citizens, are the focal point of SATELLITE’s efforts, with an emphasis on international cooperation as an essential aspect for cities to function as “activity hubs” in the global economy. Cross-project coordination, exchange mechanisms and capacity-building provide cities with access to the latest innovations resulting from European urban mobility research, as well as helping city practitioners to gain the necessary skills to apply innovations in their local contexts. Additional exchange activities and community building, where cities can learn from their peers, lays the foundation for these solutions to be applied in practice.

The CIVITAS 2020 consortium consists of seven partners, each of which brings with it significant knowledge, experience with CIVITAS and networks reach extensively across Europe.

Around the core consortium, CIVITAS SATELLITE works closely together with various supporters and facilitators, including:

  • a Political Advisory Committee with experienced partners in previous and on-going CIVITAS projects;
  • previous CIVITAS demonstration cities and current CIVITAS Forum members;
  • supporters for an efficient thematic cooperation.

The current fifth stage of CIVITAS (called CIVITAS 2020) builds on the experiences of the previous and on-going stages (CIVITAS l, ll, Plus and PLUS II).


RECIPROCITY, or ‘Replication of innovative concepts for peri-urban, rural or inner-city mobility’, is helping cities transform into climate-reliant and connected multimodal nodes for smart and clean mobility.

To achieve this, it will initiate and support replication projects in at least twenty cities and municipalities varying in size, location, degree of urbanisation and mobility demand.

Each will be equipped with the tools, knowledge and contacts needed to accelerate the process of replicating existing innovative mobility solutions. RECIPROCITY involves 10 partners, including clusters and research institutions, from across Europe.

The project will employ a four-staged replication framework to help cities and municipalities:

IDENTIFY the right innovative mobility solutions for all relevant mobility stakeholders and citizens; LEARN about requirements, processes and skills needed to put these innovative mobility solutions into action; ACCELERATE the implementation of these solutions through guidance and matchmaking for business and finance; and SHARE and build upon lessons learned to enable fast wide-scale replication.

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