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CIVITAS Policy Briefs

With its policy documents CIVITAS wants to inform professionals in the cities on a number of topics that currently play an important role in urban mobility.

As part of CIVITAS 2020, a regular series of (annual) policy briefs are being produced. Topics link to the CIVITAS Thematic Groups and cover, among others, integrated planning and car-independent lifestyles. They draw on the insights of ongoing and recent CIVITAS projects whilst also summarising recent relevant European policy and legislation. Professionals and citizens interested are invited to deliver their inputs via Thematic Groups 

Policy notes produced by previous CIVITAS phases can also be seen below.


CIVITAS 2020 - Policy Briefs from CIVITAS Advisory Groups

CIVITAS 2020 Policy Briefs - set two

CIVITAS 2020 Policy Briefs - set one

Previous Policy Notes

CIVITAS Insights:

Other Policy Notes