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CIVITAS Forum 2018 Presentations

Session 4a - #MixAndMove! Multimodality and EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK

Session 4b - Bike Sharing Systems - Possibilities of New Approaches

Session 8b - Business Models and Lessons Learnt from the Grow Smarter Project

Session 9 - Replication from Smarter Cities: Learn from the Best

Session 12a - Monitoring Mobility Performance in European Urban Areas Through Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators

Session 12b - Collecting Bicycle Traffic Data with Digital Applications

Session 15 - Meet the Swedes, Pt.2: Winter Hackathon

Session 16a - ITS and Travel Monitoring - Examples from the City of Umeå and the Trace Project

Session 16b - CIVITAS PORTIS: Innovative Governance and Data Management as Core of a Sustainable Multimodal Policy

Session 26b - Urban Environment Agreements in Sweden