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Thematic Groups

Learning from one another - Supporting one another

CIVITAS brings together urban mobility practitioners and policy makers committed to sustainable urban mobility. Be part of the largest European community in this field and join our thematic groups to exchange, share your experience and learn from other local contexts. The thematic groups cover the ten areas shown below.

Become a Member

The CIVITAS Thematic Groups are an open community, providing members the opportunities to be:

  • Connected to: peers working in the field of sustainable urban mobility.
  • Invitations to: take part in policy analysis, study tours, webinars, training workshops, peer review exercises and annual meetings.
  • Collaborative input: suggest a topic of interest, ask for a peer review of an urban mobility solution, getting support for organising a training event in their city, or taking part in face-to-face events in other leading CIVITAS cities.
  • Membership is free and open to: all city representatives and urban mobility practitioners but not open to commercial initiatives that are not connected to local CIVITAS partnerships.

To join a Group: Log in, go to the thematic group and click ‘Subscribe to Group’. Once subscribed you will be able to: post ‘interactions’, link news and events to your thematic group, and receive notifications on new content shared within your group.

Thematic Groups and main topics

Thematic Groups reflect the CIVITAS thematic categories and cover, among others, the following main topics:

  • Car-Independent Lifestyles – cycling, walking, car-sharing, bike-sharing, car-pooling,  co-modality, ride-sharing
  • Clean Fuels and Vehicles – electric mobility, fuelling infrastructures, hybrid vehicles, use of biodiesel, biogas and compressed natural gas, cleaner fleets
  • Collective Passenger Transport – accessibility, intermodality, service improvements, ticketing systems, innovative PT systems, fleet management, procurement schemes
  • Demand Management Strategies – congestion charging, access restrictions, parking management and strategies, low emission zones, car-free zones, priority lanes, mobility credits, financial incentives and disincentives
  • Integrated Planning – land-use, housing, new developments, sustainable urban mobility plans
  • Mobility Management – marketing and communications, personal and company travel plans, mobility info centres
  • Public Involvement – multi-stakeholder consultations, information campaigns, participatory processes
  • Safety and Security – traffic calming, infrastructure design, shared space,  cycle highways, secure school paths, anti-vandalism measures
  • Transport Telematics – intelligent transport systems, communication, routing, smartphone applications, plate recognition system
  • Urban Freight Logistics – urban delivery centres, distribution schemes, fleet management, cycle logistics, freight partnerships, urban freight transport plans

Learning opportunities

Take part in our webinars, study visits and peer-to-peer exchanges.

Visit our events page or sign up to our newsletter to keep upp-to-dat e with the latest CIVITAS activities.

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