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Mobility Marvels

Mobility Marvels is the new podcast series from CIVITAS. It brings you inspiring stories on smart, inclusive and sustainable mobility featuring forward-thinking cities, people and projects. In its first season, Mobility Marvels will take you on a journey to 16 cities that have made better living and moving a reality.

Meet mobility experts from the three EU-funded projects whose work has made this possible: CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, CIVITAS ECCENTRIC and CIVITAS PORTIS. Listen to be informed, intrigued and perhaps even motivated to replicate some measures in your own city. Find all episodes below.

Aside from the embedded players, listen to Mobility Marvels on other channels: Spotify and SoundCloud.

Episode 1 - Sustainable mobility for the forgotten

Do you know the ways that sustainable mobility can be made a reality for the people and places often ignored in urban planning? The first Mobility Marvels episode presents you CIVITAS ECCENTRIC.

Focusing on fostering clean transport for vulnerable groups and in peripheral areas, gender equitable mobility planning, and sustainable urban freight, ECCENTRIC worked in five locations across Europe: Munich in Germany, Madrid in Spain, Ruse in Bulgaria, Turku in Finland, and Stockholm in Sweden.

Speaking on ECCENTRIC were Esther Kreutz-Hassinen, Project Dissemination Manager, and Irene Blázquez, Project Manager.

Find out why it is important to invest in areas that have previously received less attention in urban mobility policies, and how ECCENTRIC empowered groups not always involved in mobility planning. If you are interested in knowing more about the project, visit

Episode 2 - Do you know how mobility works in port cities?

Do you know the unique mobility challenges port cities face? Did you consider how the best ways to foster sustainable mobility there might differ from other environments? The second episode of Mobility Marvels brings you CIVITAS PORTIS.

The project focused on showing that clean transport can increase connectivity and social cohesion between city centres and ports, while pushing the economy forward. It tested innovative solutions in five port cities around Europe: Klaipėda in Lithuania, Aberdeen in the UK, Antwerp in Belgium, Trieste in Italy, and Constanța in Romania.

How can we create healthy and sustainable city-port environments for people and encourage behaviour change? How can we resolve potential conflicts between freight, passenger and non-motorised transport?

Answering these and other key questions are Caitlin Cottrill, PORTIS Evaluation Manager, and Marijke De Roeck, the Project Coordinator.

To get more information about the project, visit

Episode 3 - Sustainable mobility and tourism: the perfect pair

Do you want to go green and get around using sustainable mobility on holiday? Did you know that promoting environmentally friendly travel options could be good for business? Closing the first season of the Mobility Marvels series, we present you CIVITAS DESTINATIONS.

To keep high-polluting vehicles off the road, DESTINATIONS tested different measures in six European island locations: Elba in Italy, the Portuguese island of Madeira (and its capital Funchal), Limassol in Cyprus, Rethymno on the Greek island of Crete, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain, and the Valletta Region of Malta.

Joining us in the final episode of this season are Claudio Mantero, Project Coordinator, and Paul Curtis, DESTINATIONS Technical Manager.

They reveal how the project fostered clean transport, including public e-bike sharing systems and low- and zero-emission public transport, and focused on promoting these services and stimulating behavioural change among residents and tourists. 

To know what to look for so you can travel sustainably on your next holiday, visit