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Mobility Measure

Urban freight solutions

The Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (SULP), coordinated by CMF, will validate the feasibility of measures to control and refine urban logistics strategies (i.e. an online platform). The management of deliveries by buses and monitoring of the illegal occupancy of parking spaces will be considered.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Develop a Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan

Despite some setbacks related to data collection, the SULP is now at its very last stage. The territorial diagnostic undertaken led to the planning of 15 measures.

These related to regulation tools; awareness raising campaigns; the reorganisation of parking spots allocated to the loading and unloading of freight; the creation of freight terminals; the purchase of electric vehicles; a real-time monitoring system, and other measures.

In addition, business models were outlined to further engage stakeholders and freight agents. Some of the actions are expected to be developed over a long-term period (extending beyond the lifespan of CIVITAS DESTINATIONS). These have already been written into the forthcoming framework programme to ensure their future funding. 

Although the SULP has not been presented to stakeholders, a public exhibition is being prepared that will contain information regarding the plan. This will be displayed during this year's Euorpean Mobility Week.

Identify a pilot area to monitor loading and unloading services

Two main areas in Funchal that see heavy logistics activity were identified as being the intervention areas in which activities will be tested. This action is experiencing some delays due to the technological complexity and given the reduced level of solution maturity. The related tender is expected to be launched by December 2019.

Adapt public transport to be able to transport goods

Horários do Funchal is working to identify the best posible place inside its buses for bag storage. This is intended to make public transport a convenient and attractive option for those who go shopping.

Implementation Status

The measure is in operation and data for evaluation is being collected.

How did the measure progress?



What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Decrease of noise and pollution.
  • Decrease in energy consumption of the circulating logistics fleet.
  • Decrease in the number of commercial vehicles circulating in the inner city.
  • Reduction of delivery time in the target area,