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Mobility Measure

Reconstruction of the main taxi station in Portoferraio

This measure aims to improve accessibility to and quality of the main taxi station of Portoferraio.

Implementing sustainable mobility

On Elba island, the importance of taxi services cannot be overlooked. It is a mode of transport that complements other modes and helps fulfil transport demand.

For this reason, the proposed renovation of Portoferraio's main taxi station (found in the port area) was considered an important initiative.

The renovation foresaw a relocation of the station to a safer and more visible place, and steps taken to make it more comfortable in line with taxi operators’ desires and needs.

While meetings with taxi operators have been held, the election of a new city administration has put any possible interventions on hold. 

Currently, the new political administration has started a new discussion process in order to better understand taxi operators’ needs and to find the best way of organising mobility in the area.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The measure is still in progress.

The main outcome is the renovation of the taxi station in order to improve its accessibility and functionality.