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Cascais is a city of 181,000 inhabitants, located on the Estoril Coast in the region of Greater Lisbon, Portugal. It lies 30 km west of Lisbon and is a popular vacation spot for both Portuguese and foreign tourists, accessible by nice trains. To attract tourists, walking ans biking is prioritized to car traffic.

No specific data could be retrieved on modal split in Cascais.

The public transportation system is essentially served by a public bus service, although because the city is small, walking and bicycling are also encouraged. The bus service is relatively new, and has been introduced partly to meet those needs arising from tourism, which has seen marked growth in recent years. Because of this it is modern and comfortable with air conditioning and roomy seating. This system is known as the “Seven Seven,” referring to the goal for buses to make seven stops every 7 minutes. Averaging one stop per minute, the bus manages to cover its territory quickly and get travelers to almost anywhere they would like to go.

The city also relies on a small electric train, while a suburban train lines connects it with the capital, Lisbon.

Information on the challenges faced in advancing the city’s sustainable urban mobility measures, and the partnerships elaborated in the process of their implementation is not presently available.

Summary finalized: July 2010


Antonio D'orey Capucho
City Representative