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Implementation Status Report: K2.2 Low emission public transport in Koprivnica

The goal of this measure was to establish an innovative public transport system based on two electric minibuses. The buses are the backbone of the future public transport system, whose absence has so far presented one of the most serious challenges to further improvement of sustainable mobility. The electric vehicles are using the existing charging network infrastructure, set up in the scope of the measure K2.1 "Electric municipal car sharing". Due to the high level of innovation included in this measure and the buses themselves, a longer period of testing was required and therefore, the delivery of the buses had been postponed to 23 May 2015. A testing period on site was performed in summer 2015, after which the first public transport line in Koprivnica was established. The experience gained during the implementation period and the overall results of the implementation will be used for the further development of the measure after the end of the project period and as a case example for other small and medium sized cities.