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Implementation Status Report K1.3: Planning a public transport system in Koprivnica

The City of Koprivnica is a rather small city of 30,000 inhabitants that is located in the north-western part of Croatia. As a community that is devoted to sustainability, it has implemented many solutions in order to increase the level of sustainability of the city. One thing that was missing was a public transport system that is a necessity in order to decrease the level of usage of private cars. Since the city did not have a public transport system prior to this, the decision was made to introduce in CIVITAS DYN@MO a pilot e-bus line with two electric buses that were purchased in the scope of DYN@MO measure K2.2 “Low emission public transport in Koprivnica”. The system was to be intermodal, i.e. it should include as many sustainable transport options as possible, esp. the public bike system of the City of Koprivnica was to be an important part of the new public transport system. The public bike system in Koprivnica is rather well developed, consisting of eight terminals with 70 bicycles in total. The public bike system consists of conventional bikes that are mostly used for inner-city trips and pedelecs that were purchased within DYN@MO measure K1.2 “Zero CO2 University Campus” which are mostly used by the student population. During the project period, one public transport line with electric buses was established, charging infrastructure for the electric buses was set up, a comprehensive study for an intermodal transport terminal was developed and the plan for the extension of the system after the CIVITAS DYN@MO project was developed.